Barrel Perc Dual Incycler

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Barrel Perc Dual Incycler

This barrel perc dual incycler is perfect for your concentrates as well as dry herbs.

From the 90 degree 14mm male joint ,reinforced with a Dewar's joint, your smoke enters the main chamber to be filtered by the barrel perc. The many slits provide amazing diffusion to filter your smoke. From there the smoke and water travel up the coned incycler tube back down to the barrel perc to be filtered multiple times, never giving a harsh hit. After the incycling process, the smoke then travels up the angled neck to the flared mouthpiece. The flared mouthpiece provides an airtight seal between the water pipe and your lips, while the angled neck helps keep water from entering your mouth.

The incycler sits on a ~4" wide base, ensured to never topple over. This recycler rig is available in your choice of clear or pink.

Joint: 14mm male

Height: 9 inches

Bum Sticky Recycler

5mm Thick Glass Tubing

Available in Clear Glass or Pink

Colored Glass Accents

Barrel Perc

Dual Incycler

Dual Incycling Design

Flared Mouhtpiece with a 11mm Thick Glass Lip

Mouthpiece Inner Diameter Measures 16mm Across

Multiple Slit Barrel Perc

Bent Neck

Clear Glass

Dewar's Joint

90° Joint

Male Joint

14mm Joint

Flared Mouthpiece

Dual Use Recycler

Scientific Glass

Thick Glass


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