Clear Glass Incycler w/ Large Circ Perc

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Clear Glass Incycler w/ Large Circ Perc

This clear glass incycler functions extremely well with its large circ percolator.

The large circ perc is almost as wide as the chamber and it contains many slits running from the top to the bottom. These slits and the circ perc's expansive size filters and distills your smoke for optimal hits upon every use. This recycler is an incycler because the main chamber also holds the recycling chamber. Smoke goes from the 90˚ 14mm female joint to the main chamber where it passes through the circ percolator. Then smoke and water travel up to the recycling chamber, which has 3 small holes to add extra filtration. The water and the vapor move in a loop, circling between the two chambers and passing through the circ perc multiple times before leaving through the mouthpiece. Once the recycler has completed its function, the smoke or vapor is smooth and never harsh. The bent neck mouthpiece acts as a splashguard to prevent any water from leaving the water pipe.

This recycler is made from thick glass, has a circular sturdy 4" diameter base, and has a dewar's joint for added reinforcement.

Joint: 14mm female

Height: 7 inches

Bum Sticky Recycler

4" Diameter Base

Bent Neck

Clear Glass

Dewar's Joint

90° Joint

Female Joint

14mm Joint

Flared Mouthpiece

Circ Perc

dual use recycler

scientific glass

thick glass


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