Worked Flower Pot Mini Steamroller

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Worked Flower Pot Mini Steamroller

This unique fully worked glass mini steamroller by Chameleon Glass is not only a great piece for daily use, but doubles as a work of art you'll be proud to display on your table or shelf. The pipe itself is about 5" in length, a 1.5" width, and an End-Style Carb. It's deep bowl is placed about an inch in from its end, and is hand-blown in America using high-quality 4mm thick glass to ensure durability through normal wear and tare from regular use. Three unique styles explained in more detail below are available for purchase! The Opaque White colored glass steamroller uses multiple different translucent glass colors to create its raised coil flower design.

The flowers are crafted to look like Zinnias, and are made in a deep red, lavender, and turquoise colors. A forest green colored glass is used to create its vine-like swirled stems and leaves throughout the piece. Two deep red colored glass milis are located on its base to keep the steamroller standing firmly upright so that there will be no worry of tipping over the pipe and spilling your herbs everywhere. The opaque glass construction will keep this piece looking great without the need for constant cleaning after use!

The Fumed Glass steamroller also sits on two deep red milis to diminish any chances of the pipe rolling over, so spilling your herbs out due to this will be a thing of the past. The fumed glass construction makes this pipe a great option for those who don't like cleaning out their glass all the time, as the pipe will only get more attractive with use due to the fumed glass' color changing quality. The glass steamroller is fully worked with raised glass coils, using a deep red translucent color to form the large daisies. Shades of opaque teal and moss green are used to create the smaller zinnia flowers, and a darker forest green to create its swirled vines and leaves throughout the piece.

The Translucent Light Pink Colored Glass piece is a great upgrade due to its fabulous utilization of Glow-in-the-Dark glass to make all of the daisies on the entire piece. Opaque Yellow and Forest Green Colored Glass is used to create the raised glass designs found in the center of the daisies and the coiled vines and leaves throughout the steamroller. The small additional cost for this pipe due to the Glow-in-the-Dark glass is well worth it- now your hand pipe's artistic floral design will continue to be visible, even for your nighttime smoke sessions!

Chameleon Glass steamroller

5" in Length and 1.5" Width

American Glass

Available in Three Unique Designs and Colors

Chameleron Glass Mini Steamroller

Created using a Variety of of Glass Types

Deep Bowl with an End-Style Carb

Worked Raised Coil Colored Glass

Floral Design

American Glass

Clear Glass

Colored Glass

Deep Bowl

Themed Glass


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