Dichro Owl Bong With Amber Acccents

Dichro Owl Bong with Amber Acccents

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Dichro Owl Bong with Amber Accents

This 12" Straight Tube Water Pipe is a real hoot!

Made with thick glass, this Empire Glassworks straight tube stands on a 4.25" base that supports its clear glass chamber. Inside of the chamber is a hand-worked, highly detailed dichro glass owl. It's perched atop the honeycomb perc, which has a small hole running through it for optimal filtration. The chamber connects to the straight tube, which is fused with a glass splashguard that leads into its flared lip mouthpiece. The bong also has amber colored glass accents on the rim of its base, the mouthpiece, glass splashguard, Dewar's Joint, and on its matching 14mm owl-shaped bowl. On the neck is a gold and black Empire Glassworks logo, letting you know this high quality pipe was made in America!

Height: 12 inches

Empire Glassworks Bong

12" Clear Glass

Straight Tube

Dab Rig

14mm Matching Female Joint

4.25" Diameter Thick Glass Base

Amber Colored Glass Accents

Branded Glass By Empire Glassworks

Domed Splashguard

Flared Mouthpiece

Hand-Worked Dichro Glass Owl On Perc!

Honeycomb Perc

American Glass

Straight Tube

Clear Glass

Colored Glass

Dewar's Joint

90° Joint

Female Joint

14mm Joint

Themed Glass 


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